BPS & Grant Schemes

Basic Payment Scheme

Lizzie Burton completes and submits Basic Payment Scheme applications on behalf of farmers and owner occupiers across the south west. Service includes ensuring that the application is correct at point of submission, that mapping changes are requested as appropriate, that Entitlements are transferred between businesses when required, that crop diversification and greening requirements are met and we will chase up late/missing payments with the RPA direct on your behalf throughout the year. We can also liaise submission of young farmer certificates with your chosen accountant or solicitor. You can pick and choose how much or how little input you would like to receive.

Whether your farming business operates over 5ha of permanent pasture or 500ha of pasture, arable and moorland, West Country Rural are pleased to assist.

Grant Schemes

The Countryside Stewardship Scheme is still in its infancy, but the first tranche of CSS Mid and Higher Tier agreements are now up and running. The schemes are far more demanding than their ELS and HLS cousins were, and each holding must be looked at individually to assess whether a CSS agreement is viable.

However, as well as the new CSS Mid and Higher Tier schemes, there are also capital grant schemes available, for example providing funding for repairs to stone walls and hedgerows or for measures to prevent dirty water run-off in catchment sensitive areas. This can mean for projects such as fencing off natural water supplies and installing troughs, covering muck storage areas or putting down hard feeding and drinking areas in fields. We also deal with applications for funding for capital items to improve your farm business efficiency and new areas of tree planting.

The current Conservative government has announced that they will continue funding for both the Basic Payment Scheme and Rural Development schemes until year 2022, so if you are not yet registered as a claimant then it is still worth setting yourself up to claim if you are eligible. For more information, please get in touch.